“A New York City Classic”


New York City is one of the most photographed places on earth and have been the scenario of uncountable movies, tv shows, music video clips.. you name it!! So how to photograph a wedding, an elopement or an engagement in a place so well known that is extremely crowded every single day of the year, shine, rain or snow? Well… all comes down to the knowledge of the area you have as a NYC photographer ( We are a different breed, hahaha) and with a lot of experience in the best time frame for the location. Also, its supper important the couple’s patience and collaboration and for that, you have to be super open and real with them

I always recommend my clients to shoot at sunset, AKA “The Golden Hour” because the sun is lower and softer, there are less shadows and you won’t be weirdly squinting, lol :))) In this way we can shoot in any direction and simply choose the best background without having to hide from the sun and instead we can incorporate the sun in the pictures creating beautiful and romantic images. Starting our engagement right before sunset also allow us to take some portraits at dark with the beautiful Manhattan skyline illuminated which is ideal for this location.

Check the beautiful images of this gorgeous and in love couple and judge for yourself!